The Question on Everyone’s mind….

Hi all. Sorry for the late response but it has been brought to my attention that some of you would like to know more about my mom’s Trail Ride for Breast Cancer. Being one to please I will post some information here as well as a link to the website for the ride.

The big question it seems that people are asking is where is the ride located??? It is located in the Dufferin Forest in Mansfield, Ont. And it will be held on the 20th of July. The first rides go out at 8:30 in the morning for those that wish to go at a faster pace, but after 10 am the ride is held at a WALK only for we sometimes have disabled or therapeutic riders attending the ride and we don’t want people to come flying up behind them and cause an issue.

Out on trail there are horse people stationed at 4 or 5 spots along the ride to make sure things run smoothly and to give you a hand if needed (ie. girth/cinch tightening, remounting etc.) there are also two riders that patrol the selected route to make sure everyone is doing ok.

There is also lunch on site that can be purchased for a small fee and plenty of raffles and silent auction items that will be drawn and handed out at the ride. This year we have added 3 special awards for best dressed OTTB, best dressed OTSTB (off the track standardbred) and best dressed OTTQH (off the track quarter horse). As well as some other prizes that will be awarded after the ride once pictures etc have been sorted thru. Also new this year is we have 3-4 confirmed vendors that will be there selling various horsey theme items.

If you would like more information on the ride or curious on how you can donate or participate please go to:
or if the link doesn’t work, type in trail ride for breast cancer ont in your search provider and it’ll be either the 2nd or 3rd link.

If you want to join the face book page, just search for Trail Ride For Breast cancer and it should show up.

cheers and happy blogging 🙂

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