Travelling with your horse

I love essentials photo shoots – the pictures people take of the items they have in their desk or their purse, items they can’t do without. If you Google image search “Essentials photos” you’ll see what I mean.

Screen Shot 2014-04-11 at 9.10.27 PM

I wanted to take an essentials photo of my tack trunk for the Royal Manitoba Winter Fair. However, quickly realized that if I unpacked the beast, I would need a wide angle lens and a ladder to fit everyone in one photo. I do like to know what people bring with them to a week-long equestrian event. I’ll list what I brought along, and I’d love to hear what items you’d add or subtract. Here we go:

Horse Care

I’ve never taken my horse Mojito to a week-long jumping competition before, so I really didn’t know what to expect for soundness. I consulted my vet and my coach for some key horse care items and then packed a a few “just in case” extras.

I poulticed Moe’s legs on the third and fifth night of the show, but it was more for my peace of mind than for his well being. The poultice was still damp when I removed it the following morning – a sign that there was very little heat and inflammation in Moe’s legs. I did give my horse quite a few sponge baths with a 3-in-1 Liniment brace to prevent muscle soreness.

  1. Super glue
  2. Latex gloves
  3. Bandaids and antibacterial wipes for humans
  4. Hoof conditioner
  5. Eye wash spray for horses
  6. Wound treatment salve
  7. Dry thrush treatment
  8. Liniment
  9. Vet wrap
  10. Gauze
  11. Surgical tape
  12. Poultice
  13. Hoof packing
  14. Extra hoof pick
  15. Neoprene and ceramic hock wraps
  16. Standing bandages and quilts


The Royal Manitoba Winter Fair is a gold-level show, and it’s the most prestigious horse show in Manitoba. I brought everything I needed to make my horse to shine in the hunter ring. My mane tamer malfunctioned at the show and began sliding down over my horse’s eyes, so I ended up braiding every morning before my classes. It was a real pain in the butt, but there’s nothing quite so satisfying as walking into the show ring with a mane full of fresh hunter plaits. And Moe loved getting his braids out at the end of the day.

  1. Shampoo
  2. Anti-itch conditioner
  3. Detangler
  4. Body sponge
  5. Water scraper
  6. Show sheen
  7. Braiding spray
  8. Waxed braiding thread
  9. Braiding kit for hunter plaits
  10. Lycra mane tamer
  11. Plenty of brushes and combs



I used almost all the tack and equipment I brought, with the exception of my Prince of Wales spurs, my standing martingale and my sheep skin half-pad.

  1. All purpose saddle pad for schooling
  2. Open front jumping boots for schooling
  3. Numnah
  4. Tom Thumb spurs
  5. Full cheek slow twist snaffle
  6. Loose ring hollow allow snaffle
  7. Jumping bat
  8. Wool cooler
  9. Corking kit
  10. Saddle, bridle and girth

Extra Gear

Here are some obvious items and a few extras that make horse shows so much more comfortable:

  1. 2 buckets for water
  2. Bucket for feed
  3. Bucket for tack cleaning, liniment baths, etc.
  4. Rubberized stall chain
  5. Saddle rack
  6. Extra hooks for tack and equipment
  7. Saddle soap and conditioner
  8. Boot polishing kit
  9. Clippers
  10. Lawn chairs
  11. Stool
  12. Duct tape
  13. Small sponges and clothes
  14. Extra hoof pick
  15. Extra scissors
  16. Page protector for your class schedule

Almost all of the above listed items fit in my 50 gallon tack trunk aside from of my saddle, saddle rack, lawn chairs and feed.


What do you think – am I a major pack rat, or are there other items you’d bring along?

3 thoughts on “Travelling with your horse

  1. For me, almost all of the listed above and the following:
    Extra set of stirrup leathers
    Extra bridle
    Awl and thread
    Extra girth

  2. I have never ridden equestrian style I’ve always ridden western style and even western style you have to have a lot of stuff. Just to be safe.

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