Experimenting with Vitamin B1: Part 2

After a positive first week on Pharm Vet’s Vita- B1 supplement, I was really looking forward to taking a jumping lesson- our first in a while. Unfortunately, in the heyday of show season, I couldn’t meet with my coaches this past week. Instead, Aleva and I embarked on another challenge: a trip down the road.


The weather on our chosen day was, of course, blustery and unpredictable.  As we’ve established, Aleva and I aren’t great with the whole “relaxing” thing, so we employed our friends Melissa and Lisa to help us out. Like Aleva, Lisa is a mare with a very strong personality. She is a bit older than Aleva and thus retired from riding, but she has an exceptionally calming influence on my crazy little mare. I refer to them as our “spirit guides”, because Melissa is a great influence on me, too! IMG_0480.jpg

This is, unfortunately, the best picture of our spirit guides that could be captured from Aleva’s back- multitasking has never been a strong suit of mine. Melissa is hiding behind her gorgeous mare, Lisa.

Aleva was initially suspicious of the entire situation: grass, trees, birds, etc. The wind definitely added some flavour to things! But she eventually start to settle. Her ears were alert, and her walking stride really started to swing.

This incredibly artistic slow-mo video (shout out to iPhone) does a great job of showcasing how windy it was, how happy little Aleva looked, and how cute Melissa and Lisa are, snacking mid-stroll. Pardon Aleva’s non-traditional hairstyle, I’ve been fighting to train her mane for years!

Another win for Pharm-Vet’s Vita- B1!!


Try it yourself! Find it here:

Next week, I’m hoping to have a jumping lesson! If not, we will be embarking on another adventure! Stay tuned!

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