Don’t leave home without these 5 products this summer

As warm summer days entice us to hit the road with our equine friends, it’s important to make a list and check it twice. From the campground to the show ground, these five items will make every outing a breeze.


3 in 1

As both a chronic over-packer and professional Loser of All Things, I can attest to the convenience of this multi-functional product. This little bottle works overtime as an antiseptic astringent that relieves leg sprains, swelling and muscle soreness. If you’re heading out for a weekend of trail riding, be sure to throw this in your saddlebag.
3 IN 1 Formula (2).jpg

Find it here.


Nothing ruins a beautiful summer day quite like a visit from heat exhaustion and dehydration. I never leave home without a Gatorade because I tend to get dehydrated very easily! The same hold true for your horse: he loses electrolytes through sweat. Make sure you’re replacing those electrolytes with Quench-Lyte, specially formulated with trace minerals to prevent dehydration.


Find it here!

Scarlet Oil

The motto of Boy Scouts and horse people alike: BE PREPARED! This is probably why I’m a chronic overpacker- I pack for every possible scenario and accident. Luckily, I can rest easy with Scarlet Oil in my first aid kit- it gently cleans cuts and scrapes, no water required! Scarlet Oil can also be used under bandages, it won’t cause irritation or blistering. A godsend!

Scarlet Oil 250ml.jpg

Find it here.

Blue Sport Lotion

Don’t forget about Blue Sport Lotion, a staple in every competitor’s tack trunk! For use after a long day of showing or strenuous training, to relieve muscle soreness and promote joint health.

Blue Sport Lotion .jpg

Find it here. 

Hoof Care

No matter where your summer equine adventures take you, one thing is guaranteed: flies are coming, too. Make sure your horse doesn’t stamp his hooves into crumbly little nubs with Hoof Care: specially formulated to moisturize and strengthen you horse’s hooves.

Hoof Care.jpg

Find it here.

Happy riding! IMG_8000

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